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Choosing a new bathroom on a budget

Planning and choosing a new bathroom can be overwhelming. With some advance planning and the right advice, you can have the perfect bathroom whatever your budget. Here are some tips to get you started. Once you’re ready to go, get in touch with us at Williams Plumbing and Heating for expert professional advice.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead can save time and money. You may only need to replace your bath, or your bathroom might require a complete overhaul. No matter the project, some forward thinking can make a real difference. Moving your plumbing can cost extra and bathroom suites don’t always include baths, taps and bath panels. Keep these additional costs in mind when getting your design ready.

Bath, shower or both?

Buying your basics can be done on a budget, with a basic thin acrylic bath which keeps your water warmer starting at around £70 and more durable steel baths starting at around £120. If you opt for a shower, you’ll need to factor in plumbing, a shower enclosure, and tiling around the area. For tight budgets, consider an over the bath shower, giving you the best of both worlds with minimal building work.

Get the basics right

Choose a sink and toilet that suit your needs for the long term. A traditional pedestal sink is usually the cheapest option, while a sink with vanity unit helps utilise small spaces for a little extra cost. Taps and waste tend not to be included so keep money in your budget for these. Most toilets come with a basic seat but a more comfortable soft close option can make a real difference.

Little extras

On top of your basic suite, you’ll need to keep money in your budget for tiling, electric and plumbing work, as well as extras such as new lighting, flooring, and finishings. Keep an eye out for sales at your local DIY store to grab a bargain and give your bathroom a little bit of luxury for less!

For quality assistance with bathrooms Bristol wide, contact the friendly, professional team at Williams Plumbing and Heating to get your project started.

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